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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle dynamics engineers need sophisticated methods for analyzing and improving the "feel" of an automobile. Altair multibody solutions help engineers simulate and optimize all the important parameters that govern vehicle dynamics.

MotionSolve for Automotive Check out this brochure on how MotionSolve can optimize automotive system performance. Download Brochure
Altair Bushing Model: Enhance the Accuracy of Multibody Simulation The Altair Bushing Model helps you fit bushing test data to empirical models and subsequently simulate multibody models with fitted bushings to produce simulation results with highly realistic behavior. Download PDF
Whether you are riding in a an expensive sports car, an inexpensive sub-compact, a rugged SUV, or an off-road vehicle, the ride and handling characteristics mainly determine the perception of comfort and performance of your vehicle.

  • Suspension Design: Study suspensions to find optimum suspension design factors

  • Ride and Handling: Tune full vehicle handling and ride characteristics by using appropriate handling or durability tires

  • Loads Prediction for Fatigue Analysis: Perform a four post durability analysis or a full vehicle analysis with durability tires and generate loads for fatigue analysis with the virtual model

“HyperMesh and OptiStruct were invaluable computational

tools for teaching students topological optimization and the

role it plays in product design”

–Dr. Greg Jensen, Professor Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University

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Fourpost shaker simulation Load prediction with flex-bodies Motorcycle ride analysis Suspension design Model Identification Tool: Automated bushing parameter fitting
Fourpost shaker simulation Load prediction with flex-bodies Motorcycle ride analysis Suspension design Model Identification Tool: Automated bushing parameter fitting
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Suspension Simulation and Optimization

Correct suspension kinematics and compliance characteristics are very important towards improving overall behavior of the vehicle. There are several commonly performed tests to study suspension design factors.

  • Kinematics and compliance test

  • Static ride test

  • Static roll test

  • Static load case test

  • Wheel envelope test

  • Trim height and spring adjustment tests

Altair multibody tools have several built-in features to help make all these tests with ease, as well as an extensible and customizable library of parametric systems:

  • 5 front and 11 rear suspension topologies with several systems for rest of the components

  • 10 suspension analyses to perform routine tests

  • Built-in reports for standard tests

Altair MotionSolve computes more than 90 suspension design factors, which can be kinematic and compliance matrix based.

Tuning of suspension factors is often very challenging as one change in a hardpoint can affect several factors. Users can use Altair HyperStudy to manage this daunting task by performing DOE, stochastic or optimization studies.

Full Vehicle Ride and Handling Analysis

To reduce prototypes, companies around the globe now rely on simulation to perform complete virtual vehicle tests involving several complex components such as tires and driver models controllers. High fidelity models can be built using various modeling elements like tires, roads and vehicle controllers.

Altair provides a built-in vehicle library for full vehicle analyses via the MotionView pre-processing interface, covering a wide array of common steering and handling maneuvers.

  • Vehicle responses can be calculated using Altair MotionSolve, a state of the art multibody dynamics solver

  • Altair has developed an efficient and computationally inexpensive handling tire called HTIRE. Using this tire, users can perform common handling maneuvers such as the lane change and constant radius analysis

  • Users can also use high fidelity FTire, RMOD-K, CD-Tire and 3D roads for complex durability and comfort analysis

ChassisSim is a multibody vehicle dynamics software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineer to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior well before the car turns its wheel.

Insight+ from Brüel & Kjær creates the ability to efficiently consider test and CAE data together to assist engineers in better understanding NVH contributions early in the design process. With Insight+, users can source strengths, transfer functions, and contributions from test and CAE, which are evaluated in one "whole vehicle context" environment.

Load Prediction using Multibody Dynamics

MotionSolve provides a multibody dynamics solution that allows early concept load predictions, easy model modification to improve the design and reflect system changes, and extensive post-processing to understand the performance of the design and the performance of the system.

Users can generate loads for downstream fatigue analysis by:

  • Applying a duty cycle data input on a virtual vehicle through four poster test

  • Simulating entire test using virtual road using upcoming durability tires and 3D road

Features Include:

  • A suspension model library for consistent and rapid model building

  • DOE and statistical methods to understand the system variation to both external factors and internal factors. User’s can understand the nominal loading and also the variation of the loading under normal operating characteristics

  • System information, such as loads, can be easily shared with finite element models

  • Plug and play system level modeling for easy re-use of subsystems

CarSim from Mechanical Simulation is a software tool for simulating and analyzing the dynamic behavior of two-axle vehicles (passenger cars, race cars, light trucks, and utility vehicles). It can also be used with or single- or tandem-axle trailers. CarSim can animate simulated tests and output over 800 calculated variables to plot and analyze within CarSim, or export to other software such as MATLAB, Excel, and optimization tools like HyperStudy.

Also from Mechanical Simulation, BikeSim simulates and analyzes the dynamic behavior of motorcycles and scooters and TruckSim is used for medium to heavy trucks, buses and articulated vehicles.

Complementary Solutions

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