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Introdução ao FEKO

FEKO is a leading electromagnetic simulation software suite based on state of the art computational electromagnetics techniques that enables users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

FEKO Training is designed mainly for the beginners who would like to learn more about all the capabilities of FEKO including the theory and limitations of various solvers.The training includes in-depth instructions in the pre-processing and solver interface, CADFEKO and the post-processing interface, POSTFEKO. Following introduction to basic principles attendees have ample time to use FEKO under the guidance of our instructors. Hands-on examples using the latest version of FEKO suite 7.0 will be included along with a demo of Antenna Magus and Optenni Lab.

The purpose of this course is to train new FEKO users to make efficient use of the different user interfaces and to introduce a few of the various numerical methods in FEKO. Users will also learn to appreciate some of the strengths and weaknesses of different numerical methods in FEKO.

Upon completion of the course, trainees will:
  • Be proficient in the user interface of FEKO.
  • Be proficient in using the main numerical solver of FEKO (the MoM) and also know when and how to apply the higher frequency methods.


Day 1:
  • Overview of FEKO's abilities.
  • Introduction to the FEKO workflow and model setup and solving with FEKO.

    8:30AM -10:15AM – Introduction and FEKO Programming Model
    10:15AM -10:30AM – Break
    10:30AM -12:15PM – CADFEKO with Hands-on Examples
    12:15PM -1:15PM – Lunch Break
    1:15PM -3:00PM – CADFEKO with Hands-on Examples
    3:00PM - 3:15PM – Break
    3:15PM - 5:00PM – CADFEKO + POSTFEKO with Hands-on Examples

Day 2:
  • Model setup showing the versatility of CADFEKO and tools to help with efficient model setup.
  • Introduction to high frequency methods.

    8:30AM -10:15AM – Method of Moments
    10:15AM -10:30AM – Break
    10:30AM -12:15PM – Brief Theory with Hands-on Examples
    12:15PM -1:15PM – Lunch Break
    1:15PM -3:00PM – Brief Theory with Hands-on Examples
    3:00PM - 3:15PM – Break
    3:15PM - 5:00PM – Brief Theory with Hands-on Examples

Day 3:
  • Advanced model construction methods through application driven examples.
  • Tools and tips to improve accuracy and reducing computational workload.

Some time will be allocated for assistance with the solution of the customer's own problem.
The third day of training may be customized to focus on problems that are of interest to the customer's intended use of FEKO.

    8:30AM -10:15AM – Hybrid Numerical Methods
    10:15AM -10:30AM – Break
    10:30AM -12:15PM – Brief Theory with Hands-on Examples
    12:15PM -1:15PM – Lunch Break
    1:15PM -3:00PM – Antenna Magus & Optenni Lab Demo with Hands-on Examples
    3:00PM - 3:15PM – Break
    3:15PM - 4:30PM – Brief Theory with Hands-on E Examples
    4:30–5:00PM - Discussions

Course attendees should have a good understanding of basic EM radiation principles and the various concepts involved in antenna engineering, e.g. near field vs. far field radiation, S-parameters. This knowledge is assumed and will not be taught during the course. These concepts will be used to illustrate different aspects of EM modelling in FEKO.

No previous knowledge of computational EM is required and the required basic knowledge of mathematical models for Maxwell's equations will be introduced during the course.
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